• 2015.05.11_Tenzing_BRANDOLINI_04

    13 Questions with Team Rubicon in Nepal

      By Doc Bailey The recent earthquake in Nepal was devastating to the country. A mere 48 hours after the earthquake (it takes 24 to get there by...

  • shutterstock_253572061

    The Return: A Field Manual for Life After Combat

    NOTE: We are extremely excited to announce that Steven Pressfield’s Black Irish Books will be giving away 200 free copies of The Return! All you have to do is...

  • Butthurt_ointment

    The Butt Hurt Locker

    By SGT Awesome In the past month my newsfeeds have been inundated with veterans bitching and moaning or even threatening violence simply because their feelings were hurt or...

  • shutterstock_259498172

    A Challenge to the Flag Stompers — #PatriotChallenge

      By Stephen Parks As Americans, we enjoy freedoms and privileges that most people can only dream. I respect those rights and privileges wholeheartedly. However, that does not...

  • CP

    An American Legend And Your Sorry Ass

    By Jack Mandaville I have to preface my forthcoming rant with a couple of things. First, I’m a fulltime employee at Ranger Up. I don’t speak for the...

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