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  • cdc1

    A Pox on You – The CDC’s Worst Nightmare

      By Left of the Boom In the movie Resident Evil, Umbrella Corp destroyed the world because they made a bio-weapon and someone tried to steal it and...

  • shutterstock_133633469

    Warrior Poetry: Taking Back What’s Mine

      By Stephen Parks All of the horror Burned into the backs of my eyelids Reluctantly closing my eyes I hear the cries I see the loss of...

  • women warrior

    Women Get Blown Up, Too

      By Lana Duffy This one is sort of for the ladies. We need to have a chat, especially with the hoopla around women in combat roles and...

  • pinkslip

    Boo Hoo! You’re Getting Pink Slips

      By Kerry Patton With reduction in force taking place, many service members are being told they will not be authorized to re-enlist. Some media outlets title this...

  • shutterstock_129551465

    Circle of Shattered Hope

      By Left of the Boom Once again things are spiraling out of control in Gaza as Hamas resorts to terror attacks and rockets to address a criminal...

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