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    We Don’t Have A Clue

      By Kevin Wilson The recent string of attacks in Europe has proved once and for all that we, and by we I mean western society, have no...

  • how-long-do-u-have-to-go-to-school-to-become-a-police-officer_10856116-848d-4eb5-b76d-252db3bdd6b3

    Working in the Unknown

      By RU Rob Imagine if you will, being deployed to Afghanistan. You are there for one purpose, to fight and win. Every day you know that when...

  • MAjor

    Iron Sharpens Iron

      By RU Rob For any military officer, staff work sucks. They like to lead, not get stuck behind a desk on a thankless Battalion, Brigade, Division, or...

  • shutterstock_448672876

    First Drone Strike on U.S. Soil

    By J. E. McCollough The battalion commander I fought under during the invasion of Iraq had a saying, “Never send a Marine where you can send artillery, and...

  • Hillary_Clinton_(23705602384)

    Comparing Clinton – Email, OPSEC, and Intent

      By Lana Duffy On 5 July, the FBI declared they would not pursue federal charges against Former Defense Secretary and current presumptive Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton. Despite...

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